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  • Finnish sauna 90-100°C for max 8 pers.
  • cooling pool till 15°C pre max. 6 pers.
  • steam sauna 55-60°C, humidity 80-90%, for max 6 pers.
  • infrared sauna 45-50°C, for max 4 pers.
  • cozy tepidarium with fireplace for 8 pers.
  • indoor pool (water temperature 28C)
  • outdoor jacuzzi (37-38C) for max 5 pers.
  • outdoor Finnish sauna 90-100°C for max 4 pers.


Find yourself in paradise with our body treatment.
The number of massages per 1 day is limited, we advice to book it on beforehand 
price already fom 25,-EUR

Refresh your mind and relax your body
now only 170,-EUR for max. 8 person