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Dinner for a couple under our shelter

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Dinner for a couple under the shelter of Hotel Bankov

If you are looking for a space for an exceptional event for a couple with a romantic dinner,
we offer you our shelter with a unique view of the surrounding greenery from the roof of our hotel.
The magical atmosphere in privacy underlines the uniqueness of the moments you care about .....


  • romantically decorated table (with heater in case of colder weather)
  • candles
  • special 3-course menu with a toast served by a private waiter

80g Smoked salmon tartare with toast
250ml Beef broth with celestine noodles julienne vegetables

300g Chicken supreme on potato spinach cake
200g Roast sander on saffron risotto with parmesan chips
150g Baked veal slice with mozzarella and Parma ham
served with mashed potatoes with peas, topped  glazed cherry tomatoes

100g Mascarpone cream with white chocolate and strawberries

DINNER PRICE: 99, - EUR for a couple

For reservations contact the reception: reception@hotelbankov.sk, +421556324522, +421905470123