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Detské ihrisko

The Playground on the Summer terrace is the right place to relax and play with the children in forest surroundings.

The traditional resting point only a few meters above our hotel.

The oldest steam locomotive from the days of the Austro-Hungarian kings.

Košice - unique central European metropolis .

Discover and explore some of the fascinating architectural jewels of the city.

In Kosice we have the thirt largest ZOO in Europe.

Botanical Garden in Kosice has for you reach year-round exhibitions.

At the northern part of Kosice is the  21 meters high Sightseeing tower.

Take an exhilarating balloon trip at any time of the year.

Sándor Márai

World-renowned writer, who spent his childhood and teenages years in Kosice.

Restaurant Lujza (pronounced as "Luyza") has been named after a beautiful woman.

Delicious bits of  Hotel Bankov specialty you will not find anywhere else.