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Special offers

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Buy online your special gift full of unique adventures in the oldest hotel in Slovakia

PRICE: from 20,-EUR

Surprise your partner with a romantic dinner with a wonderful view from our dome on the summer terrace.
Also suitable as a gift in the form of a voucher.
PRICE: only 99, -EUR / 2 persons

Book a special package in Hotel Bankov and enjoy an unforgettable vacation with us
fom 1.6 - 30.9.

PRICE: from 265,-EUR / 2 pers. / 2 nights
                   226,-EUR / 2 pers./ 2 nights

Are you planning business trip to Košice?
Buy an package with plenty of services for 1 person.

PRICE: from 160,-EUR / 1 pers. / 1 night

Book your wellness stay
with voucher for wellness services up to your own choice
PRICE: from 284,-EUR /2 pers. / 2 nights
                   256,- EUR

Stay for active people with experiences in nature
PRICE: from 295,-EUR / 2 pers. / 2 nights
Valid from 1.5.-30.9.2022

Enjoy with your family adventure full of fun
from 1.7.- 31.8.

PRICE: from 305,- EUR / 2+1 pers. / 2 nights

Surprise your only love and experience the romance of the oldest Slovak hotel
PRICE: from 176,-EUR / 2 pers. / 1 night 

Surprise your only love or your parents with an original gift

PRICE: 59,-EUR / 2 pers.

Enjoy your wellness stay for 2 nights with your own choice of procedures

PRICE:  from  247,-EUR / 2 pers. / 2 nights 

Ladies nights

Enjoy quiet environment of the hotel anf rest yourself with your friends

PRICE:  from 214,-EUR 182,- EUR / 2 pers. / 1 night