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Special offers

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Hotel Bankov from 4.10.2021 available only for vaccinated guests with a valid Covid pass. 


Spend a Halloween night with us.
Enjoy a Halloween dinner and midnight wellness on 31.10. in the heated jacuzzi on the outdoor terrace with the night sky overhead.

THE PRICE: from 139,-EUR / 2 person / 1 night

New Year´s Eve in Hotel Bankov

Combine the celebration  of the New Year arrival with the New Year's Eve party and a pleasant rest in the heated hotel wellness.

PRICE:  from 259,-EUR / 2 pers. / 1 night 

Surprise your only love and experience the romance of the oldest Slovak hotel
PRICE: from 173,-EUR / 2 pers. / 1 night 

Enjoy your wellness stay for 2 nights with your own choice of procedures

PRICE:  from 246,-EUR / 2 pers. / 2 nights 

Book your wellness stay
with voucher for wellness services up to your own choice
PRICE: from 242,-EUR /2 pers. / 2 nights
                   194,- EUR

Winter in Hotel Bankov

Even during the winter months, you can relax with us.
The hotel's wellness and tasty hotel dinners will give you the right dose of energy during your stay.

PRICE: from 237,-EUR / 2 pers / 2 nights
                     190,-EUR / 2 pers / 2 nights

Ladies nights

Enjoy quiet environment of the hotel anf rest yourself with your friends

PRICE:  from 198,-EUR 159,- EUR / 2 pers. / 1 night


Are you planning business trip to Košice?
Buy an package with plenty of services

PRICE: from 153,-EUR / 1 pers. / 1 night

Surprise your only love or your parents with an original gift

PRICE: 49,-EUR / 2 pers.

Your special gift full of unique experiences in the oldest hotel in Slovakia

PRICE: from 20,-EUR to 129,-EUR