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Hotel history

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The old legend says that the hotel and the whole area are named after the pilgrim Bankó whom the curing water helped to heal his sore eyes in 1630. 
The place near the springs was often visited by many pilgrims and the chapel (St.Cross) was built there in 1765 and is still part of the hotel.

Bankov teached its peak in the second half of the 19th century. Construction of Hotel Bankov began in 1867. 
Made it by achitects Michael Répaszký (1833–1909) and Peter Jakab (1834–1903). Hotel with 22 rooms,
spa rooms and the restaurant was officially handed over to the use on 22nd April 1869.

The reconstruction of historic buildings 1994– 1996 gave to Hotel Bankov a new modern design.
To its authors, architects Martin Drahovsky, Peter Pásztori and their contributor Paul Simko it brought success by Jurkovič price and title Building of 1997. 
Hotel went through last partial reconstruction in 2008, when it gained 10 new elegant attic rooms so its capacity was increased to 70 beds.