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Additional services

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With pleasure we will take care of all preparations of y­our big day.

We allow our guests to store their own goods and inventory for the wedding in our warehouse.
Goods can be brought to the hotel between 14: 00-17: 00 one day before the wedding. Please specify the exact time with the manager.

At the end of the wedding, guests can collect the remaining cake, alcohol or other remnants of the wedding reception until 11a.m. Unconsumed remnants of the wedding reception will then be disposed of for hygiene reasons.

Decorating of  wedding hall can be safely left to us.
We recommended you the color combinations in accordance with our interior :
white and burgundy, white and gold, burgundy, gold, pure white. 

You can choose from our offer  of tablecloths for round tables in white and gold color.

Options of other equipment:

  • Dance floor, party tents, sound system
  • Colorful wedding - professional interior lighting
  • Photograph , music
  • Wedding Car
  • Transportation  with mnibus 

...we are not as expensive as you think wink.