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Chakra massage Aura-Soma®

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What makes Aura-Soma chakra massage, that harmonises the 7 main energetical centres (chakras) different from other massages ?
Each massage helps us to relief and relax ourselves.
t is a natural sedative, because our blood rate and blood pressure drops and endorphines-the hormone of happiness,
hat cause good mood and pleasant feeling are being released.
Most of the massages are focused on the physical body and use basic physiological principles
hat use mechanical stimulation for various benefits such as spasm relief, detoxication etc. 

Chakra massage Aura Soma® 


Massage for harmonisation of the 7 main energetical centres  60 min

€ 49


Chakra massage Aura-Soma®
Health, Vitality and Inner peace by harmonisation of 7 main energetical centres of body - chakras

 Chakra  massage does the same as many other massages but on the top of that it helps to relief emotional shocks and transform
unhealthy mental and emotional stereotypes.
It harmonises the activity of 7 main energetical centres which prevents the occurence of illnesses and chronic diseases,
since we know that most of the civilisation and chronic diseases has psychosomatic origin- when soul suffers, body aches.

Chakras are placed vertically along the spine and they are in constant circular movement, they recieve various
types of energies and information and transmit transformed energy into enviroment.

Each chakra represents a primary energetical center that affects physical, mental and emotional health and energetically supports
particular part of the body and related physical organs. 

For good physical, mental and emotional health as well as harmony and inner integrity all of 7 centres should be balanced and without blockage.
Chakras get blocked by emotional shock or trauma, stress, long term physical or mental effort without adequate rest
and they are being balanced by meditation, shining colours or harmonic music or sound.

For  Aura-Soma® chakra massage we use:
7 Aura-Soma® Equilibrium bottles:
 Every  bottle has two fraction. Upper  fraction contains essential oils extracted from herbs and the lower fraction contains plant alcohol extracts  suspended in highly purified water.  After shaking the bottle a temporary emulsion originates that has optimal composition to penetrate skin. Each bottle from chakra set is linked with one of the chakras.

7 Aura-Soma® Pomandres: Fragrant herbal extracts works on the electromagnetic field (aura)which is   surrounding the physical body.
Pomanders  are  clearing, cleansing, energizing, protecting and strengthening the auric field.  Each pomander
consists of 49 healing herbs in various ratios depending on intended effect on particular chakra. 

You may try the harmonisation of chakras by colours independently of chakra massage. Equilibrium bottle or pomander may be suggested by therapist or you may choose the one that attracts you the most.

AS Pharmacy,
oficial distribútor  Aura-Soma® in Slovak Republic

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