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Hotel Bankov temporarily CLOSED!




We ask you to wear a face mask when moving in the interior of our hotel and common areas and to observe the hygienic measures of the Government of the Slovak Republic.
Please, enter the dining room only with a mask on your face, which is only allowed to be put down for the time necessary to consume food and drinks.

We provide services to a limited extent as follows:
1. The reception is open from 8:00 to 20:00 (accommodation must be paid in advance, your tax documents will be ready upon arrival, please inform us about the time of your expected arrival and departure)
2. Night service 20: 00- 8:00- only limited operations
3. The restaurant works inside of the hotel but still also on the summer terrace from 12:00 to 21:00, hot breakfast is served from 7:00 to 10:00
4. The organization of social events with food and entertainment (weddings, celebrations, etc.) is currently prohibited until revoked by a decree of the Government of the Slovak Republic.
5. Social events for up to 50 people in the interior are allowed only in compliance with the regulations of RUVZ SR (mandatory sitting, no dance, keeping the distance of 2 meters, at one common table may sit only people living in one household, mandatory use of face masks throughout events with the only one exception during eating or drinking)

Koronavírus na Slovensku (správy, mapa, vývoj) - SME
A R R A N G M E N T S    P R O V E
! the hotel staff only operates with a mask on his face
! zones with hand disinfectants available
! we check we observe the obligatory distance of guests at least 2 meters
! we still serve food also in the fresh open air on the summer terrace with minimum risk of infection
! tables are arranged so that a distance of 2 meters from the edge of the adjacent table is maintained
! the hotel rooms are disinfected after each guest 
! we disinfect the touch surfaces of tables, chairs and chair handles 
! we disinfect public toilets after every hour

The swimming pool and saunas are actualy open in regular operation hours. 

! The maximum immediate number of people in the wellness is 20 guests at a time.
! Only 2 people can be in each sauna at a time
! The sauna seats, the surfaces of the loungers in the relaxation room and the surfaces of the chairs are disinfected by each guest by themselves before their own use.
! ANTICOVID disinfectants are freely available at each of the wellness facilities.