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Košakt , o.z.

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We would like to draw attention of all lovers of locality Bankov  and all lovers of  the nature to worthy activities
of civic association KOŠAKT.
It is a group of activists from Kosice, which brings together fans of a healthy environment and nature.

KOŠAKT began his meritorious activities two years ago, precisely in the area of ​​Bankov in Kosice park,
over which it was decided to take voluntary patronage.

As in this area is also Hotel Bankov, we have the opportunity to observe many changes in the clean and tidy surroundings, which were initiated and successfully implemented by those volunteers group on its own expense during the first two years.

You can find their activities  at the public's Facebook profile called KOŠAKT, o.z. , ( Košické aktivity), where can see also many picture.

We are pleased that at 10/12/2015 was stablished civic association KOŠAKT o.z., which Hotel Bankov will support  in all its worthwhile initiatives leading to the promotion of leisure and tourist locations in Bankov area.

To all the  fans of Hotel Bankov and the area Bankov in Košice  we would like give an attention to official information about  the establishment of a transparent account of the civic association KOŠAKT, where you can also contribute to help  and  support  this amazing area.

Bank account: SK53 0900 0000 0050 8204 2740,  Slovenská sporiteľňa, a.s.


IČO:  50084933