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Story of Lujza

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Restaurant Lujza (pronounced as "Luyza") has been named after a beautiful woman who once lived in the house neighboring Hotel Bankov.

Lujza Kraft (1862-1919) was a daughter of Alojz Kraft, an army bureaucrat and an active member of the "Bankov Adornment Society". He was the first of the (Košice) town elite to build a summer house –„Villa Lujza“ at this popular outing destination.

Lujza married Julius Eder, a town notary and an influential member of the town council. The history credits Lujza´s family with improving the once famous mineral spring near the hotel.

Unfortunately, due to mining activities that started in the 1920s the spring disappeared in the late 1940s. It was then known as "Lujza Forras" which in Hungarian means "Lujza Spring". The villa was swallowed by a large renovation of Hotel Bankov in 1993 (in its place are the hotel's wellness centre and technical rooms).

As neither the Villa Lujza, nor the mineral spring are in existence today, the name of the restaurant is the only remaining reminder of the beautiful and vivacious Lujza.